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This is a support article for the Thunderbolt 3 STONE Pro Tethered Docking Station. 

Q. Why won't the USB-C port on the back of the dock connect to my display?


STONE Pro can output to up to two 4K displays (or a single 5K display) using the DisplayPort and/or Thunderbolt 3 port on the back of the docking station. Be certain when connecting your display that you're using one of these two ports.

Q. My MacBook is plugged into the docking station, why is not connecting to any of my peripherals?


  • Make sure you're connecting your MacBook to the Thunderbolt 3 port with the computer icon above it and that you are using the cable that was included with the docking station.
  • Make sure the docking station is receiving power
    • The easiest way to test this is by connecting a chargeable device (iPhone, backup battery, Watch, etc) to one of the two ports on the rear of the docking station that has a battery icon above it.
      • The battery icon denotes a port that will provide power even with no computer connected. If those ports will not power a connected device:
        • The docking station is not receiving power
        • The device or cable being connected is damaged; try another device

Q. Why won't my 12-inch MacBook work with STONE Pro?


Thunderbolt devices are not compatible with the 12-inch MacBook. STONE Pro will work with the current-gen MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.

If you are having any issues not covered here, please connect all of your devices, including the MacBook, to the docking station and generate a system report. Click below to submit a support ticket and be sure to include the system report as an attachment in your submission.

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